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📐 Shelving Angles

Published on 2 Jan 2020


One of my goals for this year is to create a “🤖 Picking and Packing Robot”.

Our initial very rough design has shelving with gravity fed product slots and a 2-axis robot that manipulates product out of the product slots.

We need to do some quick tests to see what the right angle is for the shelving.


The aim of this experiment is to determine what optimal angle aº for gravity-fed stock on nylon shelving.


In this super simple experiment, we raised and lowered the nylon sheet until we found an angle where the products would slide consistently.


We found that at > 35º lightweight retail packaging will consistently slide down nylon.


35º provides the best angle for nylon shelving. We’ll use this to inform the angle of our shelving and consequently the angle of our actuator that moves items off the shelving and into a picking container.