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🚚 Carrier Calculated Shipping on Shopify without the Advanced Shopify Plan

Published on 16 Feb 2020

As the name implies, third-party calculated shipping rates enables Apps and Shipping Carriers to provide calculated shipping rates on your Shopify checkout. This enables you to dynamically provide your customers with shipping prices based on multiple factors such as location, weight, volume and shipping method.

When looking at the Shopify Plans page you may be mistaken to thinking that you can’t get “Third-party calculated shipping rates” without signing up for Advanced Shopify or above.

Don’t be upset!

Hidden away in a Shopify Support Article is the little known fact that you can in fact get “Third-party carrier-calculated shipping rates” on a “Basic Shopify” or “Shopify” pricing plan without paying for Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus.

Third-party carrier-calculated shipping rates can be added to any plan for a monthly fee. All you need to do is contact Shopify Support.